The black collection is ready for sale

Taking outdoor photos of the rugs bring out the best colors. On the table you can see the whole black collection.

The black collection fresh from the loom 

Finally I have cut down the black rug collection from the loom. In total I made 7 rugs using black warp.


The black collection is taking form 

This is the rug "The American" in progress. The American is woven in Korndräll* (patterned)



The creation of the black collection has started

I ordered some black cotton warp and will start making my first black Rag Rug collection. I miss my big Glimåkra warping mill that is still in Sweden. 


The April collection is finished

After a couple of weeks at the loom the April collection is finished and ready for sale. The color are ranging from red to yellow and again all material besides the warp is recycled. This

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The next collection in production

In April 2021 I started my next collection and here is a sneak preview.

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Swedish Nature and the Neutral collection.

In 2021 I bought a new loom to allow me to weave while being at home in Philadelphia. The new loom was much larger that the one I have in Sweden., but still a Glimåkra countermarch. Having preparing a lot of rugs over the last years I was ready to start weaving again.

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Preparing weaving material together with my assistant

Sitting outdoor in the sun and transforming recycled sheets into rug wefts feels satisfying.

Beach collection and the Swedish Nature collection.

In 2019 I was travelling and was visiting several beaches in the USA including Pebble Beach and the beaches around the Florida keys. The never ending changes in the colors in the sky during sunrise and sunset inspired my "Beach" collection. This is in contrast to the Swedish nature collection that was inspired by the rapid changes during the fall. Going from lingonberry season to the first snow in just few weeks gives mixed emotions.

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My interest in weaving and creation began already around the age of 10 (in the 70’s). My mother and an aunt of my mother, weaved rag rugs into the new house my family later moved into. I was consumed by what you could accomplish from old bed sheets and clothes. New carpets were made of recycled material. Sitting and watching the progression of the weaving made my curiosity for the craft grow. Also, I liked to sit and play with the rag and mix and match the colors.

I then chose weaving in the textile class, which was unusual at that time. It was considered a bit lame, but for me it was pure joy. Most chose to sew and crochet baby clothes, which interested me little.

Long before I bought my first loom, I sat and tore or cut rags in my spare time. The idea was that the material would be used in future weaving projects.

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